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Our Story

16-Lincoln is a stunning refurbishment of one of Lincoln's most attractive  West End properties.


This flagship project has come about from the vision  and determination of one of Lincoln's most well respected property professionals to create from scratch  a stunning  living environment for Lincoln's discerning professional tenants. 


The vision ​is backed  by  over 25 years experience in the property management, letting and refurbishment business, and from a realisation that when a tenant moves into  a property they rent from us, that should be the start of the relationship, not the end of it !   


A larger than usual property to  start with (and one  which had previously  been in the same family ownership  for over 60 years and then more recently let as shared house) we were presented with the opportunity to create something quite unique, where our tenants  would  be offered all the privacy they require and expect, but with the benefit of fabulous outside space to compliment the studio accommodation on offer.


Exceeding  the most stringent fire and other safety standards, modern technology and safety are incorporated into 16-Lincoln without compromising the integrity and history  of the wonderful  building we have come to be privilaged to own and to manage.

We are sure those who choose to live here will share the same sense of privilage and history we do.

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